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Values & beliefs that inspire our service

Your money is a tool. Nobody buys a drill and just leaves it in the shed. It needs to be used for drilling. We believe that money is the same. It's not smart to leave it sitting in a pile, doing nothing, but rather it have a role, to be used to assist you in meeting your, and your families goals.

Don't love it too much! There is a line from the bible that reads "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". If you love money too much, it will consume you, and your family, friends, the beauty of the world around you will pale. We want to help you treasure the important things, by taking your heart and mind off your money, so you can know that there is a plan in place, and you can get on with what's important.

Get the most out of it. Life isn't a competition where dollars are the points, and the person who dies with the most points wins. We believe that to get the most out of your money, you need to clearly understand the goals you have for life, and use your money, in the right way at the right time, to achieve those goals. We can help you with that clarity and focus, rather than just on hoarding it away.

We're open to everyone. It can be so hard to try and squeeze an appointment into a lunch break, especially if you have to duck away from a worksite, or you are a shift worker, or have small kids. We believe that everyone should have access to quality financial advice, so we make sure you can access it. We come to you, to your home, workplace or worksite, even your favourite coffee shop, if that is what suits you best. We also offer appointments outside of normal business hours, after kids are asleep. We can crunch numbers anytime, but we can only see you when it works for you.

Who needs financial planning?

Financial planning isn't just about helping multimillionaires buy their 12th Sydney investment property. For us, it is about helping everyday Australians take control of their financial future. This means different things to different people, but might include:

  • Establishing & sticking to a weekly budget
  • Saving a deposit for a first home
  • Preparing for your children's school education
  • Planning towards that special family holiday
  • Arranging your finances so you are ready to get married
  • Reviewing superannuation so you can retire when ready & live securely

If you would like assistance with any of these, please contact our team for a no obligation, free appointment to discuss how a financial plan could benefit you.

The Process

There is a standard process to developing a financial plan, and putting it into practice. While it isn't the same for everyone, the general process is as follows.

Initial meeting and getting to know you.

In this stage, we get a feel for who you are, and what your values and goals are. We learn who is important in your world, and how you hope to care for them. We will also get information about your current financial position, including mortgage details, other debts, assets and what you earn.

In addition to getting to know you, you get to know us. This is important, because the best financial advice happens over time, as your circumstances change. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in the advice we give, so that as your circumstances change, you are able to get up to date advice.

If we think we can help you achieve your goals, we will talk fees at this point, so that you don't sign up for anything without knowing exactly what it will cost.

Create a Plan

If you decide to get a plan done up, after gathering all the information we need, we go away, crunch the numbers, and draft up a personalised plan. This will be focused on achieving your own financial goals, and written, as much as possible in plain english. There is a one page summary at the front to make it easy to keep focussed at a glance, because these plans can be quite detailed.

We visit you again, and provide you a draft copy to go through, and make sure we have your goals right. Once you are happy with the plan, we can finalise it and we all sign it.

Implement the plan

Once we have a plan, ideally we work together to get it happening. Some of this is done by you, such as setting up automatic transfers for your savings, or salary deductions for additional superannuation contributions. However other parts can be done by us to save you time. We can discuss this with you and set some timeframes.

Check in

We keep in touch with you while things are getting set up, to make sure it's working. There is no benefit in making a plan and then not following up and assuming everything is going well. In real life, things happen to disrupt our plans all the time, and when those things happen, we want to be there to help you keep on top of those changes, and meet your goals.


Superannuation are retirement planning
We can review your Superannuation provider to ensure you:

  • Receive a product tailored to your risk profile
  • Know and understand what returns to expect
  • Project your future balance
  • Put in place long term strategies to ensure you have sufficient funds for a self reliant retirement

Personal Risk Insurance
We can assist you with a range of life, disability income protection and business insurance policies. Your needs are calculated, and compared to a range of providers to ensure you get the cover you need.

Orange Personal Financial Planning can provide you with a tailored investment solution to ensure you put your savings to work. We are licensed to provide advice on a wide range of investments across all major asset classes, and can offer you simply and easy tax reporting to ensure you keep the accountant fees low.

Strategies and planning
Whether getting married, saving for a home, or putting money away for your kids, we can provide you a step by step plan on how to achieve you goals, with regular check ins to ensure you are accountable for implementing it.

Would you like to find out more?

We're big fans of talking face to face. So please call us to arrange a time to meet up, a time that best suits your busy schedule. Or, if you'd prefer, send us an email and we'll call you.

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